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Sparkling Classic Method Pas Dosé 'Cinque' Buvoli

Sparkling Classic Method Pas Dosé 'Cinque' Buvoli

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The Bubbly wine Classic Method Pas Dosé "Cinque" from the Buvoli Venetian winery is a humble bubble, as its producer defines it, but very self-confident. It is made with the sole use of Pinot Noir grapes vinified in white, refermented in the bottle according to the principles of the Classic Method.

Spumante Pas Dosé Cinque from Marco Buvoli's Pinot Noir factory is a Classic Method that does not accept compromises. It is the fruit only of the grape and its aromatic qualities, enhanced by the aging on the lees. It is the bottle of transparency and absolute truth. A choice a reserved for those who love dry and decisive taste and does not appreciate condescending softness.

Color: golden yellow with bright reflections, fine and persistent perlage

Perfume: crunchy, fragrant, immediate hints of white pulp fruit, green apple, peach, white flowers and yeasts

Taste: frank, decisive, savory, mineral, fresh and with a persistent finish

Vines: 100% Pinot Noir

Gradation: 13%

Region: Veneto

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