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Sparkling Classic Method Extra Brut Rosé 'Sette' Buvoli

Sparkling Classic Method Extra Brut Rosé 'Sette' Buvoli

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Buvoli's Rosé Sette is normally the highest expression of a Pinot Noir-based sparkling wine. Rosé Sette is a complex and demanding product, designed for those seeking the sensations of mature Pinot Noir.

Colour: intense pink colour, fine and persistent perlage

Bouquet: fruity, with a riot of currant, raspberry and blackberry with a touch of rose

Taste: decisive but elegant, the saline sensations are more accentuated than the sense of smell and release a final sapidity on the taste buds which cleanses and generates a toned and

Grapes :100% Pinot Noir

Alcohol content:13%

Region: Veneto

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