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Brut 'quattro' buvoli lo classic method sparkling wine

Brut 'quattro' buvoli lo classic method sparkling wine

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The "Quattro" Brut is a Bubbly wine Classic method of character and intensity, made with a part of Solera reserve and a long aging for 48 months on the lees.

It is a Blanc de Noirs of remarkable personality and character, suitable for those who love sparkling wines with a good body and a remarkable aromatic richness.

Color: ggolden yellow with fine and persistent perlage

Perfume: noote of pastry, bakery, citrus, dried fruit and white flowers

Taste: Andbinding, creamy, deep, with personality and character

Vines: 100% Pinot Noir

Gradation: 13.00%

Region: Veneto

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